What Is Gregorian Calendar Short Over View

What Is Gregorian Calendar Short Over View

What Is Gregorian Calendar Short Over View


What Is Gregorian Calendar Short Over View

16 January Civil Right Day

The civil right day is a day of human rights for civil persons to manage well and good in all time to provide better response.

1st February National Freedom day

Freedom day is a day in united state that honors the signing of resolution to outlaw slavery. Who was the president at the time. It is a time to appreciate the good will and freedom.

9th February Brazilian Carnival Festival

Brazilian Carnival festival is a day to celebrate worldwide in Brazilian communities. It is a cultural and religious festival.  This Carnival is also influenced by African Brazilian culture. It’s a six day party event and the peoples follow the  trios eletricos through the city street, dancing and singing. Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of the huge proportions there.


2017 date February 24 to March 1
2018 date February 9 to February 14
2019 date March 1 to March 6

14th February Valentine Day

Valentine day is celebrate on 14 February. It’s a day of romantic love and some person give red roses, teddy bear and chocolates to their special ones and show her importance in our heart. It’s a very special day for all the person who express her love with someone special which is in her mind and heart every time. Because that person is very important in his life and play an important role.

1st April Easter

It is a Christian cultural festival. Easter is also called a  Pascha is a festival and holiday to celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Most Christian before Easter prefer to the weak as Holy week.  In most European Languages the feast called Easter in English.

2016  date 27 March (Western)
1 May (Eastern)
2017  date 16 April (Western)
16 April (Eastern)
2018  date 1 April (Western)
8 April (Eastern)

14th May Mothers Day

Mother’s day Annually Held on 2nd Sunday of May. It’s Show our Love with her Mother to give flowers, cards, gifts, chocolates and dinner in restaurant. Some families organize to go outing for all their family members and have a special meal in home or in restaurant. Common mother’s day gift’s are clothes, flowers, jewelry, cards, candy and a beauty treatment.

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What Is Gregorian Calendar Short Over View

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